February 23, 2024
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What to include in a press release kit

A press kit is a valuable tool that contains a range of resources designed to help the media cover a story about your business.. Located on your website, a press kit will make it easier for journalists to get a brief overview of your business – what you do and how – as well as access any imagery they might need for their stories.They provide a convenient format to distribute content that journalistsneed to write a story on your brand.

Press kits can be created in a variety of formats from PDF to a webpage on the website. The format and design of the press kit should echo the brand image and be easily shareable. While the content of every press kit will vary, there are a few basic materials that every kit should include.


A backgrounder provides information on the company’s history and structure. This should include basic information about the company and be kept  fairly brief. A backgrounder should use clear headings to help readers find relevant information as quickly and easilyas possible.

Press releases

Include the most noteworthy and exciting press releases in your kit. Press releases should be current and no older than six months to ensure all information is up to date. Keep this section clear and concise under specific headings, to ensure journalists  can find relevant information easily.

Fact sheet

Fact sheets outline the most important and interesting facts about your company. It’s more concise than the backgrounder and should serve as a quick reference for reporters. It may be helpful to include a Frequently Asked Questions section for clarity and to prompt additional topics for reporters. Keep the format and design easy to read with clear headings, bullet lists and plenty of white space.

Images for public use

Most journalists will require relevant images and media to accompany their story. Images are important for increasing the SEO of digital stories, which increases traffic to the news outlet and your own website. Always include high resolution photos or artwork that journalists can use. Photos can include images of your product, employee headshots, event photography, your company logo and any other images that may be relevant. Consistently update photography to minimise the overuse of particular images. However, ensure that you have the rights to every image.

Contact information

Provide details aboutwho would be the best person or team to contact for press inquiries.

If you need assistance building a press kit and press releases, contact the team of PR professionals at Adoni Media.