February 23, 2024
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Tips for Tackling Maintenance Issues in the Oil and Gas Industry

Maintenance concerns in the oil and gas industry can be tough to handle for many reasons. Equipment failure can damage the health and safety of your employees, require extensive environmental clean up and cut into your profits and production times. Some equipment is difficult to get to or requires specialized talents, and the costs of production can quickly skyrocket.

Asset Maintenance

Maintaining your assets is critical for continued production and profits. This means ensuring that your maintenance department has the proper funding for both the aftermarket top drive parts that you need as well as the skilled technicians who can maintain equipment safely and well. Using monitoring tools and predictive maintenance models can help reduce costs by pinpointing repairs before they are critical.

Production Costs

Reducing production costs is a big factor in earning profits in a volatile industry where the prices of crude oil fluctuate often due to forces outside a company’s control. In the maintenance department, the wrong way to cut costs is to cutting maintenance budgets below sustainable levels. Using predictive maintenance and streamlining operations through automation and computer assisted management, however, can reduce costs without sacrificing quality or safety.

Talent Availability

Not only will you need repair technicians with skills and knowledge in the equipment, you will also need some who are certified to work on it in dangerous areas such as oil wells, deep sea environments and remote locations. Some of this repair work can be automated, but you will need skilled technicians to run those systems. You can attract skilled talent by outsourcing some needs, partnering with technical schools to train a workforce and by investing in digital technology.

Maintenance issues in the oil and gas industry can be handled with the right tools, talent and budget to cut overall costs and reduce the amount of time production is stalled for repairs. With the right predictive maintenance systems, parts supply and skilled technicians, you can keep running better for longer.