February 23, 2024
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Five tips for running a business in a Covid-19 World

In a global pandemic, many businesses have had to make huge changes to the way they work, and some have had to take drastic action. Some businesses have been unable to sustain their necessary trading patterns and have either had to close or make significant cuts.

However, other businesses have found new ways of doing things and have turned their business in a new direction. Some have even seen an upturn in sales as customers’ habits change.

The pandemic shows how a crisis can also present new opportunities; some new businesses were started as customers started to look for new ways of doing things.

Here are five tips to help you run your business during a pandemic

Go Online

If you’re a retailer, consider moving your shop online and supply all those things that you know customers are struggling to obtain. Perhaps you can offer online tutorials, courses or training. Some people may be furloughed or worried about the future of their jobs; help them to spend the time well.

Be Genuinely Innovative

Be the entrepreneur who genuinely finds a new opportunity. Customers are looking at the world differently, in lockdown, so try to present a solution to their problem. As everyone moves online, make your to-do list: buy domain name and set up your online solution. Make it something that you know people are searching for. It is easy to get lots of great ideas about new domain names from sites like names.co.uk. Be sure to get your name right, offer great content and be creative.

Be Reassuring

As customers worry about the spread of the virus, you’ll want to let everyone know that you take all the necessary steps to keep your staff and customers safe. Make it clear on your website and in your marketing materials that customers can trust the way you work and that you deliver your goods safely and reliably.

Use Social Media

With people stuck inside and their opportunities for normal socialising reduced, you should develop a strong presence on social media to promote your business and products. Get a good following of like-minded people and promote your business online.

What value can you offer?

With the uncertainty in the marketplace as consumers worry about their jobs and spending, focus on what value you can add to reassure them that it’s money well spent.