April 13, 2024
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Easy Ways to Check SWIFT Codes for a Safe Transaction

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) codes, also known as Bank Identifier Code (BIC) plays an important role in bank transactions, especially international ones, to tell one bank the details of the other bank during a transaction. Hence, before sending money overseas, you will need the SWIFT codes of your bank as well as the recipient bank. But How to check swift codes of banks? Read on and find out.

Calling the Bank

One of the easiest- and direct- ways to find Bank Swift Codes is to call the bank where you are planning to send your money. You can ask any bank employee and they will surely help you over the phone regarding finding the swift code. Even if there are multiple steps and protocols for you to complete the bank transfer, they will help you. Note: This plan works best if the bank is local and not international.

Visiting the Bank Website

Calling the bank is the best plan if the bank is local. But what if the recipient bank is located overseas? Rather than calling such banks in possibly odd hours (due to time zone differences), it’s better to visit their websites. Sometimes, some banks display these details on their sites. So you can search the Swift Code on their homepage, contact page, and FAQ section.

Checking Bank Statement

If you are the one to receive money, your bank statement is a great place to look for your SWIFT code. It will be present on either the online bank statement or the offline (physical paper) one. In case you have problems with accessing your bank statement, you can use any bank correspondence too, for example, letters, emails, etc. There is a possibility of you finding the code there.

Asking the Recipient

It is also a great idea to ask the recipient (the person to whom you are sending money to) for the information regarding the code. It reduces the chances and risks of making any code-related error- an error that can cost you heavily both in terms of money and stress. But what if the recipient doesn’t know their SWIFT code? Well, then you can always ask them to tell the bank name and branch. By using these data, you can find Bank Swift Codes yourself online.

Using Online SWIFT Code Finder Websites

Even after all the above ways, are you still finding How to check swift codes difficult? Worry nit and just head to an online SWIFT code finder site. All you need is the bank name and the branch to find the SWIFT code for any bank.