February 23, 2024
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DBS Bank Most Secure Bank in Singapore

DBS Bank is the leading banking group in Asia.  It took first place in the World Finance ranking of the most trusted Asian banks in 2016. DBS Singapore is the perfect choice for businessmen focused on business in Asia. To learn more go to https://sgbanks.com/banks/dbs-bank 

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280 offices of DBS bank work in 18 Asian regions. DBS is the major provider of private and commercial financial services in Singapore, with the largest market share in both corporate and private banking, serving more than 4.5 million customers.

The bank’s services

DBS has a wide variety of full-service international and regional banking and wealth management products and services for our Asian and international clients. There are three tiers of service programs, according to the asset amount of the clients:

  • DBS Treasures – for customers with an investable asset sum of 220,000 EUR or more
  • DBS Treasures Private Client – for customers with the sum of invested capital from EUR 940,000
  • DBS Private Bank – for customers with 3.15 million EUR and more.
  • Bank gives you full control in 24/7 mode with the help of a easy and yet very strong financial trading system.

Investment options at DBS

DBS provides a variety of options to suit the various capital requirements of its customers, such as: A broad selection of cash equity funds products, unit trusts for all asset types and exposure classes as well as debt from the world’s top banker in SGD. Phone trading facility included.

Traditional banking services at DBS

Our banking system covers all the most popular banking services. Account Opening, Multicurrency Account, Expat Banking, Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit, Singapore Dollar (SGD) Fixed Deposit. DBS Multicurrency Account is an account that allows you to earn income from operations such as salary accrual, investments, insurance, usage of credit card funds or mortgage payments.