February 21, 2024
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Cat behaviour that you need to know!

Cats are lovely companions, but they have unique characteristics like they like to sleep inside boxes, sleep on your lap and sometimes bump their head on the wall or on you. Interestingly, each of these have a meaning behind them; we have listed 6 of the most noticeable ones below:

  1. Head bumping- Bumping their head on you is one of the ways your cat tells you that it loves you. It is a cat’s way of expressing its love towards its owner. However, there is nothing wrong if your cat isn’t doing so. There are lots of other ways your cat can show you their love.
  1. Chattering and hacking noise– You will hear your cat making odd chattering sounds when they see birds flying around. They make this sound because they have found potential prey around them, and sometimes it is because they are not able to catch the prey. Some of the other noises that cats make are yowling, hacking and chirping.
  1. Chewing things around the house– When cats are weaned too early, they have the urge to nurse on soft objects. That is why you may find your cat chewing on things like socks, woollen blankets and rubber bands.
  1. Sleeping in compact places– Cats wanting to sleep in tight areas is traced back to their ancestors. They sleep in safely hidden places to avoid the attack of predators. Primarily because of this reason, you may find your kitty sleeping in dress drawers, bathroom cabinets, little boxes or closets. This is because they feel safe and secure in such places.
  1. Cats love giving gifts– Cats love bringing in gifts, though not the kind you may like. Mostly they will bring in dead birds and mice; many cat lovers believe it is a cat’s way of expressing love for their owner. There is no need to scold your little fur ball for this behaviour (perhaps get a cat bell to help protect wildlife instead?), nor is there any need to praise. Otherwise, the gifts will start coming in more often.
  1. Cats like to ignore their owners– Don’t worry if your cat ignores you once in a while, and be almost sure it is not because of something you did. Your feline friend is an independent animal, and they like spending time alone.

If you own a cat then this behaviour will not be something you are not already used to. Cats are curious animals, and the chances of making themselves sick by chewing something bad or getting caught somewhere they shouldn’t is high. So it is always recommended to have cat insurance which will help cover the medical expenses.

It’s easy to find insurance for pets online. Like humans, cats can also experience sudden health shifts, so having insurance will always pay off at such times. So now that you know what these cat behaviours mean, it should be easier for you to understand when you don’t or do need to take your cat to the vet.