February 23, 2024
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4 Unexpected Party Costs to Add to Your Budget Financially

There are quite a few costs to hosting a party for any event or occasion. Between food and drinks, decorations, and any party rentals you may want, the cost is something that can quickly add up. When budgeting for a party, you should also keep in mind these four unexpected costs.

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Tips for Servers or Other Hired Staff

If you are hiring caterers, bartenders, servers, or even a live music act, you should budget the cost of tips into your overall projected cost. Sometimes the tip for servers is included in the final catering bill, but it is something you need to pay special attention to, especially if the staff you hire does an excellent job on the day of.


Depending on where you host the party, you may be required to hire professional security services Dallas. This usually is a requirement if you are serving alcohol to a high number of guests or if the party is located at a place with valuable items, like a museum or luxurious hotel. Most cities will have their own laws, so be sure to do the research and hire guards from an insured and reputable company.


Surprisingly, parking can be an expensive addition to a party budget. Whether you’re hiring valet services or booking a paid lot for the evening, the cost is usually per hour and per number of vehicles expected.

Dietary Needs

Feeding a large group is a typical high cost, but it can become even pricier if you need to include options for those with allergies or specific dietary preferences. The more food you order the more you will spend. Before ordering from a caterer or heading to the grocery store yourself, be sure to do a quick survey of your invited guests to check for any restrictions.

Do your best to budget every detail of your party, so there will be no surprises along the way.