February 21, 2024
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3 Ways To Prevent Air Leaks in the Home Business

Most people would love to save money on utility costs each month. Inspecting doors and windows for air leaks can let homeowners know where any air is escaping from the house. Carefully check around all of the doors and windows to find any issues and then take steps to fix the problem.

  1. Replace Windows

Windows do not last forever, so it is possible that it may be time to consider replacements. Find a company to come out and give a quote on hung window Stafford TX to figure out what the budget for the project will be. Make sure that the installation company offers a warranty on the new windows in case of any issues.

  1. Seal Cracks

If the windows are still in decent condition, then it may be enough to seal the cracks using foam or caulk. In some cases, caulk can be applied quickly and easily, but if the damage is too great, then all of the existing caulk may need to be removed and replaced. If the weatherstripping is in poor shape or was not installed correctly, then it can be replaced. Try to use a non-toxic, latex caulk that is formulated for indoor use to minimize the exposure to harsh chemicals.

  1. Use Snakes

If there are drafts around exterior doors, then the weatherstripping and cracks should be attended to promptly. Air may still be coming in from underneath the door, but that issue can be solved using a draft snake. They can be purchased at local stores, online or made by the homeowner. Plenty of ways to make draft snakes can be found online, and do not involve too much work.

Preventing air leaks can take some work, but the investment of time and money should be worth it. The monthly savings on utility bills will add up over time and may cover the initial cost of the improvements.