July 19, 2024
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3 Critical Steps When Moving Your Business’s Location

After a few years at your first workplace, you’re ready to expand to a new location. You’ve picked your building, signed your rental contracts, and saved up for the down payment. Now, it’s time to move your office to its new home. Before you get caught up in the logistics of your business’s expansion, make sure to take care of these details.

  1. Find Moving Help

Unless you own several trailers, you probably can’t move all your equipment on your own. Contact a trailer rental Everett WA at least a month before your moving day. You should also hire movers to load and unload the trailers unless your employees are willing to assist with this part of the move.

  1. Pack Your Supplies

Packing up an office isn’t quite the same as packing up your house, but the two share many similarities. Store fragile items carefully and make sure they do not end up on the bottom of a stack of boxes. Wrap every chair and desk in bubblewrap or sheets so that they do not get damaged in the move. Label each box with its contents and its location in your new building. These steps take a lot of time and effort, so leave plenty of room in your schedule to take care of them the week before your move.

  1. Advertise Your Address Change

You probably don’t realize how many people have your address, such as clients, vendors, and business associates. Email your entire mailing list about your change of address, and post it on your website and social media accounts. It’s a good idea to print “We’re moving!” signs for the front of your building, too.

When your business expands so much that you need a bigger office, it’s easy to forget about these essential elements of moving.