February 21, 2024
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Why SSN Tracing is Important in Hiring, Finance

Making solid decisions in hiring protects your company in a variety of ways. When you understand the background of the potential employee, you can make an informed decision on whether that individual is a good fit for the position. Sometimes, however, people can be less than honest about their background, and tracing their Social Security number can uncover any discrepancies.

Cross Checking Previous Addresses

When you perform an SSN trace, you will find out all of the addresses that have been associated with a person’s identity. Checking those against education and work history helps you to find any untruthful statements in their resume or application. In some cases, address discrepancies have a legitimate reason, but the trace report will give you the tools you need to dig a little deeper when necessary.

Uncovering Aliases

Name changes and aliases that are connected with a particular SSN are unveiled through traces. This allows employers to do a more thorough background check, especially when it relates to criminal history. Some records may not initially connect to a married name but do show when searching a maiden name, for example.

Finding SSN fraud issues

Whether your candidate is committing SSN fraud or if they have been the victim of SSN fraud, tracing reports can help uncover those issues. They may not be aware that their Social Security number has been compromised so your findings might be a service to them. Many people’s personal information is being sold on the dark web and through other unscrupulous sources and a trace can bring that problem to light.

When you have the big picture that is provided by an SSN trace, you can dig deeper into the history of a potential employee. This can protect your company from liabilities, theft, and fraud committed by an employee who is less than honest about their past.