February 23, 2024
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Research and Educational Materials for Trading Saxo Bank US Stocks

Saxo Bank provides international investors and traders with a platform to trade various financial instruments. Investors and traders can therefore buy or sell Saxo Bank US stocks. However, a platform that provides traders with research and educational materials could be the key to success in forex trading.

This article will discuss various research and educational materials that make it easy to trade Saxo Bank US Stocks.

Researching Saxo Bank US Stocks

Saxo Bank offers traders an outstanding research experience by combining third-party providers with high-quality in-house research. As a result, Saxo bank’s trading platform is among the best choices for forex research.

The bank’s research materials are rich and diverse. The research consists of a variety of content, including articles, podcasts, and videos. Traders can view these research materials on the website and across the trading platforms.

In-house analysts publish daily updates on the Market Analysis section. News headlines streaming from NewsEdge, RanSquawk, and Dow Jones complement in-house research.

Saxo Bank offers two trading platforms; SaxoTradrePRO and SaxoTraderGO. The bank centralizes its research within the two platforms. Furthermore, Autochartist is nicely integrated into the platforms to provide analysis and third-party trading indicators.

Saxo Bank also offers an economic calendar. The calendar allows traders to get real-time indicators when economic events are announced and see their impact on the global market.

The bank conveniently categorizes research content by geopolitical themes and asset class. Traders can, therefore, quickly and easily find relevant content. For example, if a forex trader is viewing the GBP/USD currency pair, the trader sees trading ideas and news related to the pair.

Video Content

Saxo Bank seamlessly integrates video research content into its platforms and website. For example, the Fintech Unfiltered Series has high-quality research information. The bank also has content videos on YouTube, the biggest video-sharing social media platform. However, the bank focuses on its website and trading platform rather than YouTube.


The research team also delivers various reports in pdf format. The reports include quarterly outlook reports as well as yearly forecast reports, which are accompanied by videos. Researchers base these reports on quality research. Therefore, traders seeking to take theme-based positions can rely on the reports for decision-making.


In addition to the trading platforms, Saxo Bank offers TradingFloor.com, a social community portal. The portals allow traders from all over the world to share trade ideas, research and discuss market trends.


SaxoTraderPro is Saxo Bank’s desktop platform and offers more research tools than the web-based platform. The research tools include level 2 order books, equity research reports by FactSet, and screeners.

 Education Materials on Saxo Bank US Stocks

Saxo Bank provides traders with a wide variety of quality educational material in video and written formats. The scope of educational materials that Saxo Bank provides can only compare to industry leaders hence rank above the industry average.

Written Materials

The bank’s in-house Saxo Strategy Team (Saxo Strats) is responsible for providing market analysis articles under the bank’s Insight Section. Traders can filter the articles by asset class, analysts, market movers, or client sentiment. The Saxo Strats provide multiple daily updates.

Video Content

Over 40 platform video tutorials are available on Saxo Bank’s platform. In addition to the tutorials, there are also videos on risk management, technical and fundamental analysis. CME Group powers some of the videos while the in-house staff produces others. There are also 20 beginner videos, with a length of between five and 20 minutes, available on the Insights Section.

Saxo Academy

Saxo Academy, Saxo Banks’ educational portal, provides traders with new asset classes and new markets with 20 interactive courses. Each course has a series of videos and concludes with a quiz. The platform also enables traders to sign up for forthcoming webinars as well as view archived webinars.


Saxo Bank offers a platform that is rich in high-quality news, research, and educational materials. These materials include videos as well as written materials. Such information is critical to traders who want to trade in Saxo Bank Us Stocks. Information and trending news play a key role in becoming a successful trader.