February 21, 2024
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Job Search Tips

Finding a new job is no small undertaking and can be an intimidating process. Whether an individual is seeking a different position due to problems with an existing role, starting out in their career, or simply hoping to make a change, the job search landscape is vast. Between the modern changes to application processes, interviews, and even places that conduct a credit check for employment, there are a lot of pieces to remember. Take a look at these job search tips for some helpful ways to navigate the journey.


This may sound like stating the obvious, but a resume (or CV for those in more technical fields) is still the way that an employer receives a first impression of a potential new employee. If a resume has not been updated in some time or appears outdated, refurbishing it is a critical first step. While some employers prefer to see experience listed in reverse chronology, it’s also sometimes good to list experience in its most relevant form. Additionally, modern technology has made it easier than ever to create resumes that pop. Canva, for example, is a free website that comes with pre-installed resume layouts and can take a resume from drab to exciting.


Sometimes, depending on industry, it isn’t about what a candidate knows but rather who the candidate knows. In competitive fields, it can be helpful or even critical to have an inside source on jobs. The best way to create these kinds of connections is through networking. Networking events are a great starting point, but it’s also good to arrange personal conversations with people in desired industries or companies.


Lastly, the best way to tie a job application process together is through communication and follow-up. It’s still important to thank potential employers after interviews, and sometimes this can be the difference in ultimately getting an offer. Staying in contact with people keeps a candidate top of mind.