February 21, 2024
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Group 500 Review – Taking A Close Look At The Features Of Group 500

Group 500 Review

Are you looking for an online broker? Let me help you find one of the best. Let me keep it simple and straight. My experience with Group 500 had been outstanding. I am still a VIP account holder trader on this platform. Yes, VIP account holder as I invested a significant amount with them as I trust them. I can bombard you with many reasons to choose them for online trading. In this quick and to-the-point Group 500 review, I will describe some of the positive features of this platform.

Positive Features Of Group 500

Virtually Group 500 provides service all around the globe, but their offices are present in four different countries. The platform offers a toll-free number in each country for their customers. Their headquarter is located in SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd. Route de Meyrin 49, 1203 Geneva. Here are some of the positive features that this brokerage firm provides to its clients.

  • Innovative Trading Platform

Guest 500 is a research-based platform where the information technology team adds unique features to the already technologically competent MetaTrader5 based platform. The financial experts design different policies to provide a comfortable trading experience. Group 500 operates through a website. This website is user-friendly and quick. It adjusts with the device’s screen size. The website is equipped with all necessary business tools such as an economic calendar, financial calculator, and trading algorithms.

  • Diversified Products

Group 500 offers diversified products for trading. It provides traders with a unique opportunity to trade in the financial market of their own choice—the company deals in forex trading, cryptocurrency, stocks, indices, and commodities. The company offers stocks from technologically reforming firms such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet incorporation (previously identified as Google).

  • Multiple Investment Accounts

Group 500 offers five different investment accounts, namely silver, gold, platinum, signature, and VIP. VIP is the most luxurious investment account that is only available on invitation by the company. Silver account is open on the minimum investment of $10000 and offers basic facilities for traders. Facilities increases in each investment account as minimum investment increases.

  • Refund Policy

It is a unique feature of Group 500. The broker offers to refund the deposit if the trader is not satisfied with the services. You can claim the refund of your remaining balance at any time, but it is subjected to Capital Leverage Policy. Once you request a refund, your investment account and membership are deactivated.

  • Security Features

Group 500 takes care of your amount by not involving a third person while making a deposit or withdrawal. Withdrawals are made to registered accounts only. The company strictly follows anti-money laundering policy and KMC policy for providing security. The platform is secured against criminal activities, and your personal information is never leaked.

  • Professionalism

Group 500 serves its traders with state-of-the-art facilities. It is possible due to a dedicated team of professionals who are experts in their respective fields. These professionals have years of experience with excellent analytical skills, and they help traders by providing consultation services. These professionals also provide one-to-one training sessions to educate traders with their trade.

  • Customer Service

Group 500 provides toll-free numbers to provide hassle-free customer service. The customer service representative is available 24 hours a day, five days a week, for your convenience. You can also contact them via email. They usually reply to emails within 24 hours. In case of any discrepancy, you can also fill a complaint form present on their website.

  • Financial Independence

Group 500 is an inclusive platform that values its customers for putting trust in their services. As a reciprocal, the company strengthens the knowledge and skills of traders and gifts them the financial independence that they deserve. Group 500 has provided vast educational resources by offering crypto glossary, forex basics, fundamental and technical analysis, trading plan, risk management, webinars, videos, and trading volatility.

My Final Verdict

There are numerous brokerage service providing platforms on the internet but, finding a brokerage that offers complete solutions to all the needs of traders is difficult. After research and experience, I have put my trust in Group 500 due to its amazing services. Why not sign-up today and start making a profit?