February 23, 2024
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4 Quick Swaps Money That Will Instantly Update a Tired Room

Looking at the same room over and over can get boring pretty quickly. Major renovations can get costly even quicker, though. You don’t have to get bored with a somewhat tired or dated room. Instead, use one (or a couple) of these simple and inexpensive strategies to liven the space in a hurry.

  1. Create Faux Built-Ins

With a quick stop for a few times at your local home improvement store, you will have everything you need to create a wall of “built-ins” that have a completely custom look. There are nearly endless design combination ideas online, so you are sure to find something that will brighten up your space and still stay within budget.

  1. Reframe the Windows

The windows can get lost behind outdated blinds or drapes, or they can become a focal point in your room with the right window treatment. Today’s cellular shades Somerville come in a wide range of colors and materials, with a variety of options os you can customize them to your space.

  1. Add an Oversized Area Rug

When used correctly, an area rug can make a huge design statement, Unfortunately, many people choose a rug that is way too small for the room. Area rugs should ideally stretch almost to the walls, or at least under the furniture when being used to define a floating furniture arrangement. Play with different textures or choose a bold pattern or color combination to make a drastic change.

  1. Change the Color

A gallon or two of paint is one of the least expensive home updates you can make, and it has a huge impact on a room’s look and feel. Take a few minutes to learn how different colors affect the mood and energy levels and choose one that is suitable for the feeling you want to create.

You don’t have to do a complete renovation to update a tired space. From a fresh coat of paint to new window treatments, you can really add a breath of fresh air without breaking the bank.