April 13, 2024
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Selecting Affiliate Programs For Your Site

Let’s start off with affiliate programs. Selecting the right affiliate program is important to the product or service that you offer. Let’s say for instance your marketing lawn mowers. What could you offer that would complement the equipment? A few things come to mind maybe gloves for use of equipment, or a cleaning agent to keep clean, or a simple oil can to keep your mower lubricated. These are products that complement each other.

Similarly affiliate programs work the same as the example above. Let me explain. Let’s say you are providing an info product that helps people market their Web Site. There are all kinds of marketing methods but what other products or services would complement your product or service. Here’s an example; say you published a book on ezines. If someone wore to purchase your book they would more than likely need a program for mailing their newsletters. Research a couple of affiliate programs that offer a mailing system that would complement the product you just sold them.

What do you do when an affiliate program doesn’t make any money for you? Simple answer, “Change affiliate programs”. There is no sense wasting time and effort selling high-quality products if they have saturated the market. Notice the high-quality products mentioned you don’t want to market a product that does not meet the customers needs. This in fact will only hurt you in the long run.

My best advice to you would be if the affiliate program your marketing is not making you any money and costing you your time and effort get rid of it. A simple tip to help you out would be to try newer programs or programs that will provide you with a residual income and back end products. Here are 2 programs that I use that offer this and back end products every month.

Fitness Supplements Dropshipping

Clickbank Marketplace

As anyone who has tried to market a product or service on the Internet knows – it is not easy. It is very time consuming and it could be costly. There’s banner advertising, classified advertising (some free, some paid), email advertising to opt-in lists, and Ezine advertising (from $5 to hundreds of dollars).

All of the Internet marketing gurus seem to agree that the best form of advertising on the Internet is in ezines or online newsletters. The response rate from ezine advertising is said to be 10%-15%, much higher than the traditional 1%-2% response rate for other forms of advertising. The reason for this is that you can target your ad in ezines that relate specifically to what you are advertising.

There are hundreds of thousands of ezines and online newsletters on every imaginable subject.