December 4, 2023
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All You Need To Know About Counterfeit Money:

Counterfeit money is very old and considered as some of the oldest atrocities of the history. The use of counterfeit was at its peak in the 19th century. According to some surveys, it is estimated that during the civil war approximately one third of the currency running into circulation was not the fair money but the counterfeited. It was the time when banks were used to issue their own currency. Almost 1600 state banks at that time were engaged in printing and designing their own notes. As there were a lot of varieties of currency in the circulation, so it became difficult to distinguish between counterfeit money and real money.

Counterfeit money is an ultimate and an easy way for those people who want to achieve everything for doing nothing. If someone become able to have this money without getting caught, then he/she would be able to have everything he wants. It is also available as counterfeit money for sale. In the past, counterfeiting was a strenuous and troublesome endeavor but today technology has made it a bit easier. Formerly, it required huge printing presses but currently there are many people involved into it. Every year, almost thousands of teenagers from all over the World are caught as engaged in using or producing counterfeit money. 

UV Counterfeit detection lamps are available in the market and they will let you detect the counterfeit money. Using counterfeit money pens is also an option to recognize them. Bank notes have some physical distinctive points such as watermarks and ink. They will work as a security measure and help you to distinguish between counterfeit and fair money. Watermark is used on bills with replica of the face but bank notes only have an oval shape. In the real, water mark can only be visible when you grip the note straight in the direction of light. Second most important thing is that water mark is only present on right side of the note. Watermark in realty is a replica of a face and you can match it with an original bill. Serial numbers are also used to distinguish between fake and fair money. 

Counterfeit coins are also available in the market. The art and fraud of producing counterfeit coins has been in the world since ancient times. Genuine coins are produced by using peculiar machinery. Valuable and high value coins are usually counterfeited. Counterfeiting of high valued and antique coins are usually done with high standards. People try to make them up to the mark to deceive others, but this is not so easy and usually they get caught. There are three separate categories of counterfeit coins and they are:  Cast counterfeits, Struck Counterfeits and Altered coins. There are some basic ways that will help you to protect yourself and identifying counterfeit coins. You should only buy coins from a certified agency. Do not buy coins online and always seek for another option if you are thinking that a coin dealer is deceiving you.    

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