July 19, 2024
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Range of SMSF Setup Services in Australia

SMSF setup services is primarily for those trustees that look forward to establish the Self-Managed superannuation trust structure that advocates good and supportive benefits to them members on their retirement. It is very important to plan retirement and if SMSF provides financial security and a source of regular income after employment, then it is surely a good decision to be a part of it. 

Why is it necessary to set up SMSF?

It is very appealing and encouraging in the beginning to have a SMSF that gives you 100% autonomy to manage your funds and investments, but then it is always advisable to setup the SMSF with the help of a financial advisor or an agency that is expert in managing investments and have sufficient knowledge of financial markets. Moreover you need SMSF setup services to follow the compliances and legal procedures outlined by the Australian government so that you do not face any legal hassles in the execution and implementation of your SMSF.

Responsibility to manage and control the SMSF

Every SMSF be it an individual SMSF, a corporate SMSF, QROP setup, company setup SMSF, the complete responsibility and control is in the hands of the trustee. The trustee has to select the insurance, investments, stocks, future, bullion or the other sources of investment and manage the fund on their own.  The trustee can add four family members or friends to the SMSF, but then the responsibility and the risk to manage the super fund is 100% with the trustee. 

Benefits of taking the SMSF Setup Services

You can always setup your own SMSF, but if you take the professional services, you shall be really benefitted. Moreover companies like iCare Super provide the SMSF Setup services absolutely free of cost, so you do not need to pay any single dollar to anyone.  The service provider helps you in filling the applications, downloading the required documents and processes the application within the prescribed format. If you are not able to comprehend any legal term or process, the specialists at iCare Super help you with each detail and make the entire process a comfortable and a pleasurable experience. 

Fixed Charges with No hidden Fee

SMSF vary in nature and depend upon the individual need and requirements. There is a wide range of SMSF’s that cater to corporate trustee, individual trustee, SMSF with only one trustee or SMSFs with few trustees. Each SMSF is unique and thus requires a special treatment in its establishment and processing. A good SMSF Setup service provider is one that charges one time fixed fee for offering various financial guidance and compliance fee and do not charge any hidden fee from its clients. iCare Super is one such company in Australia that can be completely relied and trusted. It never charges any hidden cost or layered expenses. It’s a 100% honest and committed firm in Australia. 

As the risk and responsibility is completely on the trustee of the SMSF, it is always advisable to avail the Setup services from a known and licensed player. iCare Super is the most recommended SMSF Setup service provider.