July 19, 2024
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Paywush.com aims to become a major player in Indian online B to C payments market by 2022

PayWush, the simple online money-exchanger

Paywush.com is the online money exchange platform that set sail on the year 2017 and is already rocking with its client base. The company authorities could have the right intuition for making it a big hit. They know that the reasons for people avoiding the online money exchange platform are the difficulties in browsing. Everyone is not tech-savvy and computer literacy has not spread to that extent that we can expect people of every generation to be able to navigate through complex interfaces. Even those with a better knowledge of computers can simply avoid an interface if it is complex to surf through.

Ease of use is the first USP

PayWush gives the most simple user-interface. Send money with PayWush to know how it works! One has to click open the https://paywush.com and is led to the get started tab. By clicking on it, the user is led to the profile information area where some general questions about the user profile need to be answered. The platform protects the secrecy and privacy of the user and does not require the mobile numbers to be disclosed. With the e-mail ids, the accounts are set and the user is all ready to send money to the receiver at any corner of the world. One is assured that the transfer of money is done within twenty-four hours. Though it is a Delhi-based organization and has a major hold in the South-East Asian market, the platform operates from any country

Privacy and low exchange-rate

Apart from the user-friendly and privacy part, the mobile interface is very secured. It is highly encrypted in every transaction. The user profile is also encrypted so that there is no misuse or misappropriation of account and no ease of hacking. The safety of the clients is one thing that gains importance in a PayWush account. But this is not all, the exchange rate for each transaction is very low compared to other platforms. It is just 1.5 percent of every transaction.

A favorite for entrepreneurs

The above-mentioned features are making paywush.com a favorite in the community of business owners. Till now there have been over a thousand business houses who are doing regular transactions through paywush.com. Considering the company is just three years old, this is quite an impressive number. But PayWush does not stop aiming here. It has a target to be a foremost player in the Indian business-to-customer online money transfer platform.

Growth is inevitable

The way the company is moving, it is not impossible at all. Every month the company has grown at the rate of forty to fifty percent. There has been a growth of eighty-five percent over the last financial year. Now the total number of customers of the company is over a teeming five million people. Among these three million customers transact on a regular basis.

The company has bagged investment of ten million dollars from the United States of America. All these show that paywush.com is fast gaining the confidence of clients and stakeholders. No doubt soon the organization will be a major player in the money-transfer market.