July 19, 2024
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Know All About International Student Travel Insurance for Higher Studies

Getting to study abroad is a dream come true for many students today. If you are among the lucky ones who already has or is about to visit a foreign country for higher education, it is also necessary that you look after yourself. If you are a parent whose child wishes to study abroad, you must have had thought about their protection and what measures to take for the same.

Along with the pros, there are a lot of cons to visiting a foreign land. The best way to ensure that your trip is safe and secure is by purchasing a student travel insurance policy. This plan is specially made to fulfill the basic requirements of a student. Since most students have a tough time managing their finances, these plans work as a great financial backup.

Keep reading to know what student travel insurance is all about:

Anybody can avail a basic travel insurance policy. A travel insurance policy for students, however, is custom-made for those who wish to fly abroad for higher studies. These plans are usually long-term unlike regular travel insurance policies.

Why is having an International Student Travel Insurance necessary?

Students who stay away from their parents are already struggling as they have to adjust in a new country, fit into its culture, manage their finances, etc. If any medical conditions come up during this period, it can mess up their budget. Also, medical expenses in a foreign country would be high. However, if you have an international student travel insurance plan, all your medical costs will be covered under the policy and you can relax.

If you’re secured with a travel insurance, your parents back in India can relax too. This plan can help you cope with the long medical bills of foreign nations. You might not understand the importance of staying insured until there’s an emergency. Always stay prepared for the worst.

Not all foreign universities have the same rules. There are a few that can be a little strict when it comes to student travel insurance. You need to adhere to their travel insurance guidelines so that your admission is final. Always know their requirements concerning coverage and opt for a plan accordingly.


Luggage theft, medical evacuation, expenses required to go back to India in case of medical emergencies, medical bills, expenses incurred for making a duplicate passport, and personal liability are included in the plan.


HIV/AIDS, undisclosed pre-existing diseases/conditions, drug/alcohol abuse, war/nuclear issues, and injuries imposed on self are excluded from a student travel insurance policy.

Purchase Travel Insurance Policy Online

The easiest way to purchase a student travel insurance policy is to buy one online. Never purchase a policy without comparing its coverage as well as premium online. Gone are the days when you had to co-ordinate with an agent or insurance broker to get your work done.

The steps for getting the ideal travel health insurance plan are very simple. All you have to do is visit the insurer’s website, provide them with the necessary details, and make the final payment.

An important point to keep in mind here would be reading the inclusions and exclusions of your policy along with the terms and conditions. Knowing these would come in handy while filing a claim. If you know what your coverage consists of, the claims process becomes easier. As a student, follow the above-mentioned tips to avail an ideal international student travel insurance plan.