July 19, 2024
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How to Make Better Business Decisions?

Accountants, consultants, and law firms are accustomed to keep track of their employee hours for payroll or billing purposes. However, it is the data that is available from that time, which is more crucial than the billing amount.

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Data analysis allows a business to gain insights into the happenings. They can enhance operations, get an idea of the productivity status or even about the potentially profitable projects or is your brand eligible for R&D tax-deductibles.

Accurate prediction is challenging

How much money and time a project will need is challenging. It has turned out to be costly for many companies as they massively blew their budget. If the project is large the company’s existence gets threatened. A time tracking device can be helpful in many ways.

How does time tracking software work?

Time tracker apps make use of a GPS sensor in the Smartphone of your employees to see how the task is going on-site. Keep track of your workers time spent performing a variety of tasks on their computers using a desktop-based time tracker solution. The visual report is provided, which allows the managers to detect the time their staff spent on productive work.

Artificial intelligence & automation

This technology allows analyzing the time tracking data including your company’s daily expenses, profits, and revenues at the project level. Managers can identify how their past judgments had affected the results and thus predict a future project’s costs and deadlines in a better way.

Time tracking data also helps to evade project execution problems like reactionary planning and unrealistic schedules. Unclear goals and poor focus were a huge hindrance in project execution. Time tracker helps to yield information project managers need to handle this challenge.

Even the performance of the salespeople working in the field can be tracked. Try professional sales training programs, whenever poor performance gets identified.

Gain insights into your employee performance and project execution to make better business decisions using a reliable time tracking data solution.