February 23, 2024
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How to Differentiate Between Real and Fake Diamond

Are you planning to purchase a diamond? Or are you just curious about how to differentiate between real and fake diamond? To be honest, the stone test would be the simplest way for that but in case you are worried about smashing a diamond with a stone; here are a few tests that you can perform. But for your information, Diamonds are the strongest material on the planet, so, doesn’t worry about breaking the diamond with a mere stone.

Tests to differentiate Between Real and Fake Diamonds:

Well, here are a set of tests that you can carry out to check whether a diamond is real or fake before investing in it.

Fog Test:

Diamonds are very good conductors of heat and they disperse heat rather quickly. So, what you can do is hold up the diamond between your two fingers and puff air onto it through your breath. A thin layer of fog will form on the diamond due to heat and moisture present in your breath. Now, if the fog doesn’t disperse off quickly, then you have a fake diamond if the vice versa happens then you have a real diamond.

Heat Test:

As we mentioned before that Diamonds are good conductors of Heat and they disperse off heat very quickly. So, what you can do is grab any utensil and fill it with cold water. Now, using a tong or plyer pickup the diamond and keep heating it on a fire for about 40-50 seconds. Right after that, drop the diamond in the water and if it doesn’t shatter, then you have real diamond in your hands. Fake diamonds are mostly made of cubic zirconium and sudden expansion and contraction breaks them apart.

Water Test:

This test is very simple and easy to perform. Most Australian pink diamonds are initially test in this procedure. First of all, take a glass and fil three-fourth of the glass with water. Now pick the pink diamonds and drop it in the glass and check whether the pink diamonds floats on the water surface in the glass or not. If it rests at the bottom of the glass, then investing in it won’t be an issue. In any event if you find the diamond in a floating manner, the it would be wise not to spend any of your money on it.

Dot Test:

If you are very much concerned about spending money on a fake diamond then you can perform this test. This test is the simplest and the easiest of all the test. You would just need a pen and a white paper. So, put a dot on the paper and then put the Australian pink diamonds over the dot with the flat side down. Now look at the pointy side and check whether you are able to see the dot or not. If you can’t then that is a real diamond.

One needs to be very careful about his/her finance before purchasing a Diamond. So, before you finance a diamond, just perform these tests to make sure that you are purchasing a real diamond.