July 19, 2024
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Four Fun Things You Can Do When Out In Space

Travelling to outer space is the most exciting thing you can imagine. Well, forget about the cost and the blast as your spacecraft rushes past the earth’s atmosphere, the moment you will take in space will be worth remembering. Here, zero-gravity affects almost everything. Imagine pouring champagne from a bottle, but it remains there – without getting down! That is the reality of outer space. So, here are the four fun things that you can do when travelling to outer space.


Ever imagined yourself flying, and effortlessly too? You can easily do that in space. When your space shuttle enters space, the truth is that there is no up or down because of zero gravity. This means that there is no floor, and floating upside down or in another version is easy. To make movement easy, space tourists and astronauts use rails to push them in the spacecraft modules. Well, it takes some moment to get used to, but it will be awe-inspiring.

Eating and Drinking

Well, it sounds obvious that you have to eat when travelling in space. It is true, but the experience is amazing. Just like you are affected by zero-gravity, so are the materials, such as food on the capsule. Well, pick some food in a spoon, get it close to the mouth and release it. It remains there without support from your hand. When you put a drink into a cup and release it, it remains suspended in the air as if resting on a table until you take it.

Take Photos

One of the main reasons for space tourism is helping people to experience something different. Just like you do when visiting a new place, take many photos for your travel album to show family and friends. Particularly, you should capture photos of the earth and try to identify your region. For example, can you identify Russia, Australia, or Canada?  Also, you should take some photos of the infinite outer space, which can help you and others about the magnificence of nature.

Take a Walk in Space

Looking at the endless void of space, thoughts of stepping out might look extreme. But it is possible, and you will love it. Because of weightlessness, you will effortlessly float without any danger of falling into the void. Besides, your space mission crewwill have prepared for it appropriately. So, ask your friends or crew to take photos and videos so that you can look it later to enjoy the thrill.

Space tourism has opened new opportunities for tourists to explore and enjoy every moment. The time you get into the outer space will be an opportunity to try new things, such as flying and aerial photography. Make sure to check with your selected space travel company to know the different fun activities you can do when in outer space.