November 28, 2022
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Can Cord Blood Treatment Help Cope with Leukaemia

We all have heard of stem cells of the umbilical blood cord. But did you know that cord blood treatments can be effective for diseases like Leukemia? People with Leukemia can benefit from the effectiveness, which comes from the umbilical cord blood, which is the only way to obtain stem cells from embryos. It specifically caters to the need of those who do not have an acceptable source for bone marrow transplants. 

The treatment process of Leukaemia starts when the doctor obtains the blood from the giving-birth mother. The patient gets regular chemotherapy followed by a high-dose treatment. It helps the patient kill normal or cancer-producing blood cells from the bone marrow. Here, the stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord will be able to destroy the old cells. It eventually replicates and replaces the new cells. Then they repair and cure the damaged cells by diseases like Leukaemia.

The patient gets injections with the stem cells as the first step of the actual transplantation. It helps them create new white cells for up to 10 to 14 days, allowing the blood production to return to normal gradually. The patient may also need transfusions of some substances like red blood cells because they cannot reproduce them by themselves. 

According to the history, the first stem cell treatment completed in 1988 and had positive effects on the patient, although the general public came to know about this procedure in 1995. Today, storing stem cells or umbilical cord blood of a newborn baby is available to everyone who wants to use it for a potential transplant or other medical needs of their child.  

Collecting umbilical cord blood is an easy process, which takes place right after your baby’s birth. Upon request, your doctor will extract it from your baby’s umbilical cord and send it to a public or private bank for cryogenic storage until you use it for a transplant or even for an indefinite dime. You can find more information about umbilical cord blood and stem cell storage on and save your baby’s life.