July 19, 2024
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Are Common Spares Covered Under Your Car Insurance Policy?

Modern-day cars are an amalgamation of technology and engineering. With multiple sensors across the entire body and on its inside, you can see technology making your driving experience more enjoyable. Apart from technology, a car has many moving components that need periodic replacement and repairs.

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So what is the best way that can ensure your car is safe at all times? Opt for car insurance.

car insurance gainesville ga is your ultimate safety-net after safe driving, of course, to avoid any accidents and damages. But not all repairs to your car are caused due to accidents. Some repairs are required as part of routine wear and tear. You might ask, are these routine repairs covered by your car insurance policy?

The answer is yes, as well as no. A base comprehensive policy does not cover the cost of common spares, but add-on insurance covers can be purchased to include them by your insurer.

A base car insurance policy can either be comprehensive or third party car insurance. While third party policies are limited in coverage, you can enhance the scope of your comprehensive insurance policy to include consumable spares.

What are the common consumables that are required in your car?

Consumables are parts that have limited but routine use. Engine oil, brake fluids, coolant, nuts and bolts, bearings, washers, etc. are some of the consumables that are commonly required in your car. To simplify, consumable items require regular replacement to maintain the performance of your vehicle.

What is a consumable add-on cover?

As discussed above, standard comprehensive car insurance does not provide for repair costs relating to consumable spares. The insurance claim may require  you may require to pay for these items from your own pocket. On the contrary, if you purchase a consumable add-on cover, it pays for the costs of consumable that require repairs or replacement.

What are the inclusions of a consumables add-on cover?

Consumable add-on covers the cost of the following when you make a claim –

  • Oil and oil filters including engine, gear and brake oil.
  • The replacement cost of nuts and bolts.
  • Coolants and other fluids that may be specified for your car.
  • Washers and other similar items except fuel.

Who should purchase a consumables cover?

If you are someone who wants an absolute hassle-free claim experience without having to pay for even minor repair costs should definitely purchase a consumables add-on cover. It can be purchased at initial purchase or car insurance renewal date. Thus, to avoid paying even small repair costs, it is advisable to purchase consumables cover. You can not only have a seamless claim procedure, but don’t have to worry about the small repairs as your policy coverage steps in.

What are the documents that are required to make a claim using consumables cover?

Since your insurance company is aware of the details of your vehicle and the insurance policy, submitting repair bills and receipts can help to expedite the process. Further, if your policy provides the facility for a network garage, ensure these repairs are done there to make a cashless claim.

Insurance is mandatory as per the law, but it is in your hands to make optimum use of an insurance cover using the necessary add-ons. These add-ons not only increase the policy coverage, but also save a handful amount at the time of claim.