July 19, 2024
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3 Small Scale Farm Crop IdeasFor Your Business

Many people long to get a parcel of property and create a thriving farm. While beginners may believe that they will need to find 20 or 30 acres before they can get started, a single acre or even less can be suitable for a beginner learning the ropes.

  1. Herbs

Fresh herbs can be cultivated outdoors during the growing seasons and sold fresh to local markets. They can also be dried and sold in jars if desired. If there is enough space indoors, then herbs can be grown all year long and sold to stores that are eager for fresh products during the winter. Before selling anything, the farmer should ensure that they have followed all local regulations, registered their business and have the appropriate farm insurance Columbus MS.

  1. Flowers

If growing beautiful, fragrant flowers sounds like more fun than tending to edible crops or livestock, then try to plant some native perennials for a crop that will require less maintenance and look gorgeous while it is growing. Figure out which zone the land is in and plan accordingly. If the land is a mix of shade and sun, then plant a mix of flowers that will thrive in each different area to diversify.

  1. Leafy Greens

Spinach, lettuce and other leafy greens do well in most areas and have short growing periods, resulting in a fast harvest. They are also resilient and more forgiving when grown in different soil types. Other vegetables, such as tomatoes and peppers can also do well, but the farmer should be sure to test the soil and monitor the water levels more carefully to ensure a bountiful harvest.

Before buying property or beginning on the endeavor, it is a good idea to conduct research about the desired crops, the type of terrain required and what the local market looks like. Find gaps in the supply line and try to fill them, rather than competing directly with existing suppliers.