July 19, 2024
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3 Affordable Digital Entertainment Platforms Available in Kenya

Everyone loves to get entertainment to be free from all the stress and tensions. It is hard to find a single person who does not like to watch a show or film. The audience’s choice does differ from any genre, say sci-fi, romance, thriller, action, comedy, etc. Online entertainment platforms have occupied a good place in the Smartphone, which has made the entire job much easier and affordable too at the same time. DStv is one of the most entertaining services which are popularly used in Kenya. DStvKenya Packages come in at an affordable price, a range that makes it quite preferable among all the users.

Multichoice Kenya

Multichoice Kenya is created through the partnership between Multichoice Africa and KFC, which is the provider of DStvservices. To compete with all the other online entertainment providers like Netflix, etc. Multichoice Group came forward with Showmax, which is a video on demand for the entertainment platform in the year 2015. They even operate GOtv, which is a minor satellite TV available in several of the Sub-Saharan countries.

Digital TV station

Kenya shifted from the analog to the digital model in a painful manner during the period 2015. However, there was a remarkable transformation witnessed from the count of 15 TV stations in the year 2014 to around 65 TV stations. This digital TV has helped to open a lot of media space for people using other languages other than English and Swahili.


Netflix is one such movie streaming site that is impossible to stay without for a long period. It is one of the biggest on-demand services, which is seen to grow with the number of subscriptions and viewership in Kenya. It is seen that the number of subscriptions for Netflix has risen to over 700% in the last 3years. One can even download the shows to watch in offline mode. At the same time, it provides even access to the favorites kids entertaining videos and media.

One cannot deny that the service providers provide their customers with basic, standard, and premium DStv Kenya Packages that can be opted for as per the requirement. All the platforms come forward with their target audience and hence customize the experience keeping their comfort sense in mind. This, indeed, is helping to provide an open platform to showcase the different and unique creativity to a large number.